Monday, March 27, 2006

OMFGZR!!!! Apple Store - Glass Staircases

This is a MUST READ for any Steve Jobs butt-boy followers!!!!

A unique and eye-catching feature of Apple's high-profile stores is the glass staircase. The stair design was patented by a team of designers and engineers that was led by Steve Jobs himself.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Video of XP Booting from Gigabyte I-RAM Card

Here's a video of a computer rebooting with the Gigabyte I-Ram card. This is a PCI card that runs up to 4 DDR DIMMs with an onboard battery to keep the contents saved for up to 16 hours while the PC is powered off.

No OSuX news is good news!!

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One Less Country to Steal IT Jobs from the US!

Apple is HUUUGE in education (Ireland's huge right?). At least we won't have to worry about any of their kids stealing jobs from the US, since they'll be learning on an OS that is dumbed down for the absolute lowest common denominator: People who can't handle having more than one application menu on the screen.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

New Mac Masturbation Material: Apple Keynote Archive!

Hmm, what can I say about this except "wtf"? What a bunch of butt-pirates!

The mac users seem to think that taking over is going to make people think that the Mac is more popular than it really is.

Get a clue: The Mac will never be as popular as Windows.

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Dell's Alienware Acquisition caused by Threat from Apple??

The pompous mac fans over at seem to think that anyone cares about what Apple does (what with it's 3-5% of the desktop market? Hah!)

"Apple is likely to go to 8%"

I doubt it. If I have my druthers, 0% :)

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Apple OSuX Drags Ass

Yes it does and you know it. For instance, look at startup times of a similarly configured Windows XP machine. Beats OSuX hands down any day.

Besides that, look at application startup times. Firefox takes forever to startup on a Mac. Oh, you're going to tell me "that's not an Apple program though!". So what? Apple has shit for tools for developers (unlike Microsoft which makes the best developer tools bar none).

Furthermore, the design of OSuX makes it inherently slower to work with (e.g. the dock a poor copy of the Windows task-bar, very inconsistent interface, etc.)

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Steve (Ass Puppet) Jobs' Taxes - $295 million

The mac fan boys over at posted this. For some reason they feel the need to expound on every little detail of Steve (Blows Me) Jobs of crApple:

Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs this month used over 4.5M of the 10M restricted shares owed to him by the company to pay income and other employment taxes applicable to those shares, AppleInsider has discovered. He did not sell any of his stake in the company.

-- Why don't they just rename to

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