Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No need to argue folks

The Mac OS holds less than 3% of the desktop computer market share. The people have spoken, there is no need to debate this.

Hopefully one day, this operating system will go the way of the Amiga or the Commodore 64. Until then, I will take it upon myself to steer people away from this horrible operating system (especially developers).

I feel that it's my duty to myself and to others since, if Apple were to succeed in gaining market share, I might have to one day use or write software for this piece of crap. And nobody (well 97% of us) wants that.

Oh yeah, anyone who disagrees with me will no longer be able to post here. The reason is simple: Over and over again I have proven the the Mac OS is crap and no Mac user has ever been able to prove otherwise. Often times they misunderstand the arguments (For instance, I say you can't cut and paste files...you can't....you can drag and drop them, you can copy and paste them, you can't cut and paste them though. Try it. Every Mac user I've ever encountered has not been able to see the difference between cute/past and copy/paste OR they've confused "text" with files). This is a waste of time.

Apple's Human Interface Guidelines are just plain wrong and until they change, I will put forth as much effort as possible to stop people from using this crap (and hopefully annoy the people who actually agree with Apple...not that many but still).

If you disagree, you can argue about it somewhere else.


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