Friday, April 21, 2006

The Ultimate Mac OS X "Leopard" Wish List (Updated)

Mac users want to fix their OS. However, I say that something this fundamentally broken cannot be fixed.

How about a way to use the Mac OS with as little fuss as possible?

Things like:

1) Being able to create new folders** delete/rename newly created folders in a program's "Save" dialog?
2) Being able to CUT AND PASTE FILES (don't confuse this with copy/paste or drag/drop).
3) Getting rid of the dock or making it suck less.
4) A normal maximize routine for application windows?

Ahh, forget it. If simple stuff like this doesn't work yet, why have any faith that they (the designers of the OS) will make better decisions in the future? Just do yourself a favor and upgrade to Windows or Ubuntu.

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